Not For Sale


For some reason I have been getting e-mails inquiring about this domain.

I always reply by saying that it's not for sale, but then I am always asked to name a price for negotiations.

I am not a domain trader, but to make it easy for everyone I thought I would leave this here for anyone who might be interested in buying this domain:

I understand that having the right domain name for your business is a very important factor in success. I paid $50k for one of my business domains, and it wasn't even short or common name, but hey, this is how business works.

If you really need this domain for a good business and you believe it will help you succeed, you can send an offer to buy it, I will reply only if the offer is really hard to refuse. Please note that I will not even consider the $10K and $20K offers. it's just not worth the effort

On the other hand, if you have a good business idea and you are well-financed, we can talk about a lease agreement, but please note that your first contact should include your offer, and I will reply only if the offer is worth considering.

Have a great day, and I wish you all success in your business.